Ear Lifting Plexr Video

Plexr is a permanent non-surgical procedure used to lift and tighten eyelids and necks. It also effectively treats wrinkles, scars, moles and skin tags. To learn more book a consulation with our clinical consultant. Contact:...

Red Balloon Wednesday

Red Balloon Wednesdays is a joint initiative fueled by the frustration of industry professionals across the province and country. ABA and OPHA, EvelineCharles Salons.Spas.Academies and supporters have joined forces to raise awareness about the impact this is having on the industry.

The Best Makeup for your Fall Hairstyle

Leaves aren’t the only thing that changes colour in the fall. Many women transition their hair and wardrobe to darker hues in the fall and winter. September is the perfect time to ditch the bleached out tips and honey highlights and move over to richer, darker shades...