Tips on tweaking your makeup when you go to the dark side

Leaves aren’t the only thing that changes colour in the fall. Many women transition their hair and wardrobe to darker hues in the fall and winter. September is the perfect time to ditch the bleached out tips and honey highlights and move over to richer, darker shades of ash blonde, vibrant auburn, mahogany brown, and deep black. As your complexion fairs and temperature drops, bronzer and mascara may no longer cut it in the makeup department. Here are our top tips on how to transition your makeup into appropriately autumn.


As the season changes, whether your hair changed colour or not, it is wise to get a new foundation colour match. Nobody is the exact same skin colour all year round and as our tan fades, the foundation we were using in July can start to come off too dark, and at worst, orange. Choose from matte, satin or dewy finishes, they all suit fall makeup well. Similarly, it may be time to use a lighter hand on the bronzer or skip it all together and embrace rosy blushed cheeks again!


There’s no better time to try a smoky eye than fall! While your summer beauty routine might consist of a quick swipe of mascara, this fall experiment with greys, plums, and cognac browns on the lids. Darker hair colours and a deeper toned wardrobe lend well to darker eye makeup looks.


Whether it’s a deep plum, a mid-tone mauve, a rusty red or beige brown, fall is the season to try the whole gamut of lip colours. We’re partial to matte shades in the autumn, just make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the lips before wearing them for a seamless application. Try your dark lips with smoky eyes or sweep a neutral champagne shadow all over the lid. You will be surprised at how once considered “scary” shades like deep mulberry or wine will become your new signature pout.


Eyebrows can make or break your look. Make sure that as you change your hair colour, your brows follow suit. For blondes, try one or two shades darker and choose an ashy toned shade and if you’re brunette try one shade lighter than your hair colour and choose a colour that matches the undertone of your hair (warm or cool). Warmer tones will have redder, more caramel undertones, and cool tones will have ash or grey. If you have black hair, choose a deep brown colour or dark grey, and always skip jet black on your brows.


How do you change up your makeup when you dye your hair darker? Comment on our blog to win a Fall Makeover on us!

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