LED Light Therapy

About LED Light Therapy

This easy non-invasive procedure uses the power of LED light wavelengths to address a variety of skin and wellness concerns

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Blue Light Acne Treatment Before and After

LED Light Therapy

The power of LED Light Therapy is all in the wavelengths. This quick, non-invasive procedure uses different light colour to treat concerns like wrinkles, loss of elasticity in the skin, acne, redness, scarring, symptoms of menopause, and even insomnia! Each light offers a different benefit.


Your Treatment

Your 60-minute treatment can either focus all of one colour or cycle through multiple to treat more than one concern. Serum may be applied to your face to enhance the experience. Please arrive with a clean, makeup-free face.


After Your Treatment

After your 60-minute treatment, you can immediately resume your regular activities. The best results are achieved with multiple light exposures so a treatment schedule will be planned out with our clinical consultant.




A consultation is required before treatment. Call to book in for your complimentary consultation with our Beauty MD Clinical Consultants.

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