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Pure Hand Sanitizer

EC Hand Sanitizer has 64% alcohol to eliminate bacteria, germs and viruses. It is coveted for its unique formula that sanitizes the hands, hydrates like a cream, and leaves a powder finish.  It was designed in 2016 as a purse-sized luxury product for salons and spas.  The manufacturing costs for this unique formula is 550% more than traditional hand sanitizers, micro silicone is a key ingredient that creates a unique experience that feels and performs dramatically different than other options on the market.
With repeated use of traditional hand sanitizers, the skin is left dehydrated and fragile, this can promote the skin to be irritated and cracked.  The fissures in the skin compromise the skin’s intended activity to prevent the exposure to bacteria, germs and viruses. EC Pure Hand Sanitizer cleanses the hands and enhances the skin condition to promote health.
All EvelineCharles Hand Sanitizing products are made in Health Canada approved facilities, all formulas have NPN Product Licences.

Booze and beauty combine as distillery teams with salon in COVID-19 fight

EDMONTON — An Edmonton distillery is teaming up with a local spa and salon to produce hand sanitizer made from vodka, for a boost in the battle against COVID-19.

Red Cup Distillery, based near the Edmonton International Airport, is denaturing vodka that will be used to help kill the virus in an effort approved by the federal government.

“You can’t drink it. It is a natural product that, if you had some, you’d be looking for water and drinking lots of water for a day or two,” said owner Robert De Groot.

Taking on the Global Wellness and Beauty Market

Plans for growth with an eye on beauty

“We help them build the formulas, we help packaging,” explains Eveline Charles, the well-known Edmonton entrepreneur behind a successful chain of salons and spas. Charles founded a new company in 2016 called EC Labs which is a private label manufacturer.

They create customized cosmetics and toiletries: from haircare products like shampoo, hairspray and styling serums, skincare products such as cleansers, moisturizers, and masques, as well as wellness products such as joint balms, supplements, baby wipes, and more.

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Q&A with Eveline Charles


Starting with a two-chair salon in her hometown of Falher, Alberta, to building a multimillion-dollar beauty empire that spans across Western Canada, there’s much to learn from Eveline Charles. Today, after 46 years in business, her eponymous company includes salons, day spas, medi-spas, two training academies and EC Labs, a product development company. 

What is the key to your organization’s success?

We always work on reinventing ourselves. When I started in the spa business, it was in the era when people spent full days enjoying treatments and relaxation, but that’s changed. In the cities, clients are looking for multiple services and results-driven beauty in the least amount of time.

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