Men’s Spa and Salon Services



Spa and beauty treatments are not just for women, as both men’s spa treatments and men’s salon treatments are becoming increasingly more popular.  Consider the following Spa and Salon services for yourself or as the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day!


Over the last few years, there has been an insurgence of popularity in the idea of “manscaping”. There are many reasons men feel the need to rid themselves of unsightly hair. Whether it is done for esthetics, because of your career (athletes), or just because you have an overabundance of hair, know that you are not alone. Many men are now investing  in hair removal tools. But, what if you can’t reach the areas that you want to be hair-free? What if you don’t have the time or money it takes to research and learn hair removal techniques and buy the products to do it yourself? There is a much easier way!  EvelineCharles Salon | Spa | Beauty MD offers many men’s spa treatments, including laser hair removal and waxing options. Options include back waxing, chest waxing, stomach waxing, as well as leg and arm waxing – we even offer eyebrow waxing, for those of you with a distinctive unibrow.
Select locations offer laser hair removal sessions. Laser hair removal can be used on the upper back, lower back, full back, neck, face, arms, and legs.


Male celebrities have helped to boost the popularity of Botox and facial services. To meet the growing demand for this men’s spa treatment, EvelineCharles Salon | Spa | Beauty MD is proud to offer SoftLift. This is a customized Botox and soft tissue filler treatment with minimal downtime that can be used on both men and women. Another one of the ever growing list of men’s trends is the facial. Because men’s skin is different from women’s, EvelineCharles Salon | Spa | Beauty MD offers the Gentleman’s Facials, which is specifically tailored for the modern man. Because of adolescent acne, many men suffer from mild acne scars. At EvelineCharles Salon | Spa | Beauty MD, we offer an amazing Photo Facial treatment to help eliminate scarring, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. No recovery time is needed for this procedure. After your 30-40 minute treatment, your skin will be clearer, and you can resume your normal activities. EvelineCharles also offers an innovative treatment called Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT for short. As men age, hormone levels can drop, resulting in grumpiness and sleepless nights. This all-natural treatment will help to improve your ability to sleep, boost your mood, and make you look and feel younger!


And, of course, one of the most popular men’s spa treatments offered is the massage. EvelineCharles Salon | Spa | Beauty MD offers an entire line of massages to promote wellness and relaxation. Among the types of massages offered are the tension relief massage, hot stone massage, relaxation massage and deep tissue massage. Massage times available range from thirty to sixty minutes, depending on the type of massage chosen. After your massage, you will be feeling calm, relaxed, and stress-free. It is suggested that you head on over to a pedicure chair and treat your feet too! Pedicures are definitely not just for women. Many men stand on their feet for hours a day in uncomfortable boots or dress shoes. A sport pedicure will help to soften and relax you and your feet.


If you are celebrating a special occasion, consider a manicure as well. First impressions mean everything. A manicured hand with a strong grip is the perfect way to introduce yourself to new business acquaintances. A manicure does not require nail polish, just ask for a sport manicure when you visit one of EvelineCharles Salon | Spa | Beauty MD’s six locations in Edmonton or Calgary. It is a wonderful way to remove hang nails, shape your grisly looking nails, as well as soften callused, blistered hands.


Men’s salon treatments are also growing in popularity. Gone are the days of making a short trip to the barber shop for a simple haircut and shave. The importance of men’s style has grown tremendously in the last few years. A men’s haircut is still cheaper than a woman’s haircut, but more time, detail, and shape is now put into the process. One great aspect that sets EvelineCharles stylists apart is that they are all trained in the British Barbering Technique, the most innovative yet classic barbering technique in the industry! While you are getting your haircut, why not add some subtle color to rid yourself of the stray gray hairs and take a few years off your look. If you have a lot of gray in your facial hair, you can get that touched up to match the hair on your head as well. Classy men’s highlights have become increasingly popular as well. Whether you are looking to cover a little gray, add one fashion-forward streak or classic highlights, EvelineCharles offers the most innovative coloring services for the best prices.


Men’s style is constantly changing and evolving. At EvelineCharles Salon | Spa | Beauty MD we understand this and have created an entire line of men’s spa and salon services to help you attain these trends while looking and feeling your best. Go ahead and give us a call today to schedule your first treatment or package – it’s the manly thing to do.

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