Red Balloon Wednesday
Beauty Professionals Fight Back in Protest of Industry Lockdown

TORONTO — Personal care services across Canada have been closed to varying degrees based on the province. Currently, personal care services are closed in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.

The industry is pulling together to show support for business owners affected by these unnecessary closures. Red Balloon Wednesdays is a joint initiative fueled by the frustration of industry professionals across the province and country. ABA (Allied Beauty Association of Canada), OPHA (Ontario Professional Hair Stylists Association), EvelineCharles Salons.Spas.Academies and supporters have joined forces to raise awareness about the impact this is having on the industry.

Red Balloon Wednesdays Balloon ArchArch

Industry professionals, clients, and supporters want to go back to work! They have joined together to stand up for the beauty industry with “Red Balloon Wednesdays”. This is a safe protest that shows the solidarity of those that have been impacted by the lack of government support for the personal care sector. In Ontario, five members of the ABA and OPHA will be representing the industry at Queens Park this Wed. The ABA is also encouraging support from other Canadian provinces.

We invite all supporters to show their solidarity starting this Wed. May 26 at 12:00pm with a balloon on their front step, business, or a tree to show their support for this industry. The campaign has already gone viral with nearly 100,000 people checking in on social media and hundreds of salons and supporters that plan to participate.

Red Balloon Wednesdays Balloon in Window

For more information about Red Balloon Wednesdays please visit  ABA Canada and join our program of protest. Put as many balloons as you can in your place of business or doorstep, post a photo or video on social media. Use the hashtag #redballoonwednesday.

Salons and Spas are ready and able to operate safely and follow all public health safety protocols. Please support the industry on Wednesday May 26th.

Communications for ABA Canada:
Katherine Haine – [email protected]

About ABA Canada: The ABA is the only National Canadian association working for you – the Beauty Professional. This nonprofit membership organization; staffed with a few permanent employees supporting an elected board of directors along with a handful of task force groups and advisory councils composed of corporate and professional members; has been dedicated to supporting and educating Beauty Professionals across Canada.

Sandra Fiore, ABA Chairperson: [email protected]

About OPHA: OPHA’s mission is to unite and support licensed professional hairstylists and registered hairstylist apprentices by being a voice to government, and community partners on regulations, licensing, and hairstyling standards. To inspire excellence, and to ensure the health and safety standards for our community of clients, contributors, and partners while sustaining our future as a professional trade through training, apprentice, mentoring, and accountability.

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