Summer Beauty Tips

Skincare for summer

Apply sunscreen religiously. Always apply sunscreen 20 minutes prior to allow time for the product to absorb into the skin; re-apply every few hours or as needed. Look for sunscreens that offer protection for both UVA and UVB rays – keep in mind that a high SPF number is no longer enough. Wear sunscreen and receive regular facials at an EvelineCharles Salons | Spas | Beauty MD location.

Morning Routine consists of using the EC Nano Silver Cleanser, which is always a great choice for cleansing your skin. This exfoliating cream is the next generation cleansing bar; it contains micro-granules to lift off dead surface cells and impurities. It invigorates superficial blood circulation, stimulates cell renewal, hydrates, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhances the skin’s suppleness.

SUN – Understanding the Dangers of Overexposure
Sun exposure isn’t necessarily bad – it is a key source of Vitamin D. As with all good things, however, keep exposure in moderation. The ideal maximum is 15 minutes before 10 a.m. or after 2 p.m. anything over is considered overexposure, and any exposure during midday – when the sun is at its harshest – should be limited (if not altogether avoided). Sun rays at this time of day are 10% UVB and 90% UVA: a combination that can cause melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.  Using our SPF 50 Obagi sun screen is a great way to protect body and safe for face use.

UVA Rays – Wrinkles and sunspots are largely caused by these rays. They are able to penetrate glass and deep into the skin, these rays speed up the aging process and contribute to – if not initiate – the development of skin cancers below the surface.

UVB Rays – UVB rays cause sun burns and reddening.
These are the rays responsible for change in darkness of skin pigmentation, age spots, and the more common tumors that may ultimately evolve into cancer.

Sun Damage and Aging
90 percent of wrinkles are caused by the sun. Don’t skimp on eye creams and lip protection. Sun exposure will gradually thin skin and cause wrinkles. Wear sunscreen and receive regular facials at an EvelineCharles Salons | Spas | Beauty MD.

Depending on your skin type, exfoliate by visiting an EvelineCharles Beauty MD location to receive a microdermabrasion. This treatment will rejuvenate your skin and encourage cell turnover for youthful-looking skin.

AFA Chemical Peel
Doing so helps rejuvenate skin, leaving it soft and brighter, without creating photo damage. Available at all EvelineCharles Beauty MD locations.

Stretch Marks or fine lines
CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a new innovation in Aesthetic Medicine for treating the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and improvement in the overall skin texture and tone. This procedure involves using tiny needles to create micro injuries to the skin to induce collagen and elastin. This process also creates channels for application of topical gels and serum to help improve the appearance of the skin. Available at all EvelineCharles Beauty MD locations.


Hair care for summer

Protecting your colored hair in sun
EC Color Protect Spray is fantastic for protecting color in hair and has SPF in it. Available at all EvelineCharles Beauty MD locations.



Prepping Skin for Summer Makeup 

Summer makeup tips
Natural matte shades are always best for summer EC make up is having a clear out sale right now. EC Makeup Available at all EvelineCharles Salons | Spas | Beauty MD locations.       

Cheryl Johns recommends applying a bronzer with a slight shimmer and peach or pink undertones, apply it to the apples of your cheeks, across the bridge of your nose, and on your temples to mimic where the sun naturally hits your face. EC Makeup Available at all EvelineCharles Beauty MD locations.                   

Kiss heavy lipstick goodbye
Bright stains and tinted balms, with an SPF offer a healthy hint of color for summer. But if you desire that bright and sexy lip look, tap on a bright, candy apple lipstick with your finger, blot, and then repeat until you reach your desired intensity, forego the lip liner. EC makeup available at all EvelineCharles Salons | Spas | Beauty MD locations.

Laser Saver
Laser hair removal is a fantastic to ensure you are always ready and hairless for the summer. Make your skin Makeup Ready with a variety of facial hair removal services. Safe for sensitive skin and all hair types! Available at all EvelineCharles Salons | Spas | Beauty MD locations.                                                                      

Keep Hydrated
Drink water throughout the day, helps to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.


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