Top 5 Winter Beauty Trends


Icy February isn’t the most flattering month, so if your mirror has been looking a little monotonous lately, you’re not alone. The upside: It doesn’t require a hefty wallet or effort to liven up your look, or your slightly grouchy mood.  Here are a few ways to feel and look gorgeous, fast.

Bold Lips

Rejuvenate your boring winter look with a pop of colour on your lips. Instead of slicking on your usual shimmering nude-pink gloss, keep the look midwinter-appropriate by sporting a more sophisticated matte finish. Think shades like crimson and the glamour-yelling bright red.

Transform your desk into a spa

Treat yourself to a face moisturiser/toner that you can easily store at work. Not only do toners hydrate your skin without messing up your makeup, they keep your skin looking soft and blemish free. Also, stash sticks of lip balm to sooth your winter-bitten lips in your work drawer. Big advantage: the skin-pampering at work will help prevent mini work-related tantrums and wake you up during your mid-afternoon slump.

Add some Glow

This quick trick can illuminate your face in a matter of minutes. Add a drop of liquid bronzer to your moisturiser to warm up your skin tone. Remember to use a moisture-rich sunblock in place of your regular moisturizer before applying the bronzer, since it hydrates, protects against the sun and contains DHA, a sugar molecule that reacts with amino acids on the surface of your skin to produce a glow. After you get a tonne of compliments on your natural-looking glow, you shall thank us!

Vibe up your hairstyle

If you’ve been living in a ponytail or bun lately, upgrade your stretched out elastic with hair accessories — think funky metal bling hair pins or a modish head band — make sure to lose the drab hues in favour of vibrant ones. If hair accessories make your life tougher, invest in a hair-shine spray that adds lustre and shine every time you’re heading out.

Neon Nails

We typically spare bright polish — think hot pink, tangerine, and ocean blue for the summery months, but some beauty laws were made to be smashed. Particularly when they help you beat the winter blues, you know you need something extra to boost your mood. Give your neutral beige and dark burgundy shades the backseat and opt for flashy hues instead. Pair it with a black pullover or blazer for a fun, yet cultured combo. Every time you glance down at your hands and feet, you’ll feel a little gladder.