We all want that smoother, clearer and fresher face, don’t we? But, The top layer of skin is constantly exposed and battered by environmental elements including free radicals, wind and sun. Well, with ProFractional Therapy at Edmonton or Calgary Hair Salon and Spa, you are one step closer to achieving your desired skin that you always dream of!

What is a ProFractional Treatment?

ProFractional Treatment creates smoother, clearer skin and stimulate new collagen growth by resurfacing procedure that produces thousands of tiny, deep columns of treated tissue in the skins layers, whilst leaving the surrounding issue untouched. These tiny micro holes trigger the skins natural healing process causing the formation of new, healthy collagen in the skin.


What are the benefits of ProFractional Treatments?

• Reduces wrinkles & lines
• Banishes acne scars
• Decrease appearance of scarring
• Treat hyper pigmentation
• Textural improvement of the skin


What to expect after the Treatment?

The results are noticeable immediately after the procedure and will continue to improve in the weeks following, as new collagen forms and skin appears firmer and revived!

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