Despite the vast array of skin care products on the market, it’s relatively easy for people to take care of their skin, and seeking the advice of a professional is the first thing you should do.

“Skin care professionals understand the makeup of skin and are able to give the correct advice and treatments for optimal skin health and appearance,” says Beauty MD and Spa Director, Cheryl Johns. “Department store staff are trained to be sales people and usually don’t have the scientific and medical background that skin care professionals do. EvelineCharles estheticians and Beauty MD Consultants are able to provide the right recommendations for every person’s unique skin condition and concerns.”

According to the experts, there are three things you can do to help maintain healthy skin…

Use an appropriate skin cleanser, moisturize your skin, and protect yourself from the sun.


Thankfully there are many non-surgical options. Obagi Nu-Derm skin care system is very effective, because it contains medical grade ingredients. They also have an effective line of products, including sun protection. Also, forget the tan. It’s not good for you. It is very important to always use sun protection products of at least 30 SPF.

Skin care professionals prefer the Obagi Nu-Derm Skin Care line because it is easy to use, it can be done at home, and it gives a healthy lustre to the skin — speeding up the turnover of skin cells. It’s an easy way to permanently treat the skin. Your skin is one of the first assets others see, so you shouldn’t wait a long time to improve the health of your skin.

The performance of the Obagi line is medically proven. Thanks to potent ingredients and unique delivery systems, it addresses a wide range of concerns including uneven skin tone, aging, and acne.

While good skin care is about ensuring good overall health, there are a lot of personal reasons why we should take care of our skin. Good skin health will not only make you feel and look better, but it can also give you a competitive advantage professionally.

Proper and consistent skin care treatments – whether at home or at the spa – are very important to your overall skin health and look. At EvelineCharles Salon | Spa | Beauty MD, we understand this and carry products – such as Obagi Skin Care – to help you attain optimal skin health and Results Driven Beauty. Go ahead and give us a call today or drop in at one of our 6 locations to pick up your Obagi Skin Care set today!

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