Student Loans & Bursaries

Student Loans & Bursaries

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Programs and Start Dates

August 25-2015 (TTS)

September 14-2015 (MWF)

November 3-2015 (TTS)

September 14-2015 (M-F)

August 24-2015 (MWF)

September 15-2015 (TTS)

November 2-2015 (MWF)

September 14-2015 (M-F)

Weeknights 6 weeks- 12 classes

June 23- 2015 (TT)

September 22-2015 (TT)

3 weekends 10:00-4:30 - Last class 9-5

September 12-2015 (SS)

November 14-2015 (SS)

September 14-2015 (MW)

August 11-2015 (TT)

November 10 -2015(TT)

August 15 (Calgary)-2015 (SS)

October 17 (Calgary and Edmonton)-2015 (SS)

Evenings 5.5 weeks- 11 classes

September 22-2015 (TT)

Sundays only - 6 classes

October 18- 2015 (S)

2 Sunday classes - 3 weeks apart for professional practising

August 30 (Edmonton)-2015

October 4 (Calgary)-2015

November 8 (Edmonton)-2015

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Read what people have to say about EvelineCharles Academy

  • "My overall experience of the EvelineCharles Academy is mind blowing. This is a great facility, clean with a fantastic layout as well as a fantastic vibe and spirit of a team. This is a great place for the students and teachers to hang out, do brilliant hair. It really reflects the vision of EvelineCharles and how you support students. I wish I had trained here!"
    Damien Carny, World-Renowned Hair Stylist
  • “Eveline Charles is truly changing lives one student at a time. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she does is contagious! What I personally love most about Eveline is how real, authentic and genuine she is consistently. Eveline has a heart for helping others succeed. What most people don’t know about Eveline are the tremendous challenges, hardships and struggles she had to go through to get to where she is today. It is these type of life lessons that have made Eveline one of the most sought after Leaders in our industry. If you are a student exploring what school to attend to launch you into your new career I give you my personally endorsement that Eveline Charles and her great team of people will not let you down. They will provide you with the skills, knowledge & tools to succeed. While most beauty schools primarily focus on technical skills Eveline Charles believes that it is instrumental for the students to also have strong business acumen to ensure a successful and prosperous career in the beauty industry. Keep up the great work you are doing Eveline. I am cheering you on all the way to the Top!”
    Lauren Gartland, Founder & President of Inspiring Champions
  • “After 45 years of blaming schools for not preparing students to become successful professionals, I visited and did a class with my friend, Frank Westerbeke from Gadabout Salons for the EvelineCharles Academy. I was blown away with the criteria, passion and lessons being taught. Of course the skill sets included all the technical how-to’s but the most unique part of the programs is their connection to global fashion and how it relates to beauty. Fashion trends often influence the new directions for hair, skin and cosmetics. Customer care and service is a priority at the EC Academy for higher learning. I would hire any one of their graduates. The standards set by the EC leadership are second to none”.
    Richard Calcasola, Maximus Salon Spa
  • "Frank and Jana Westerbeke from Gadabout SalonSpas in Tucson Arizona sent their daughter, Wagner Westerbeke, to spend one semester at the EvelineCharles Academy after she graduated from cosmetology school. Wagner learned the Sassoon method which today is very prevalent in her ability to execute precise haircuts and in her level of confidence. The foundation of learning at EvelineCharles was at the highest level and we are so grateful that she had this opportunity for advanced learning. We highly recommend the EvelineCharles Academy as it has helped Wagner achieve her fundamental goals as a hair dresser, as we know that it will help many other future professionals succeed!"
    Frank and Jana Westerbeke, Co- Presidents of Gadabout SalonSpas
  • "Everything rises and falls on leadership and with Eveline at the helm one can only succeed, one glance at this amazing lady and her company will reveal success after success. EvelineCharles Academy is one of the leaders in Education from business to technical skills they continue to shape bright futures for young stylist. In this highly competitive market, it is vital that stylists enter the work force with a strong skill set, Eveline Charles and her team are constantly looking for what is new and relevant, adhering to the highest standards of professionalism."
    Vivienne Mackinder Founder of HairDesignerTV
  • "I have been in the business for 30 years and still love going to work every day. It is a career where people are happy to seeing you! I have worked with numerous industry leaders and Eveline Charles is one of the best business leaders in the industry. She has promoted the beauty business and has grown a progressive beauty brand."
    -Eric Fisher, Eric Fisher Academy
  • “As a Sassoon Academy | School Connection member since 2011, Eveline Charles Academy is a fundamental partner in ensuring the next generation of hair professionals start their careers with the best foundation available. Our team always enjoys working with the EvelineCharles educators, and we couldn't be more pleased to have them sharing the Sassoon vision throughout Canada.”
    - Wayne Woodruff, Sassoon Academy North America Operations Manager